Our founder experienced the frustrations of both self-managing and finding a trustworthy property manager for her 8-unit condo in Washington DC.  Neither option met her building's needs.

She set out to develop a model that would still provide a personalized service, but would leverage technology to create a more streamlined and efficient process.  


Do you have an effective property management solution?

Do any of these scenarios sound like your building? 

Self managed building

You're self-managed and only 1 or 2 people push things along. They don't have the capacity to do everything, so preventative maintenance goes undone.

When was the last time your building had a fire inspection? Do your sprinklers actually work? Could the fire extinguishers be expired? 

property management company

You have a property manager from a company but you feel that you're not a priority since you're small and are not getting value for your monthly retainer fee.

Are you paying too much for financial reports and scheduling a few maintenance jobs per year? Do you ask yourself why your building doesn't just manage itself? 

independent manager 

You have an independent manager who manages your building to make extra income. It is cheap but this person is not always there or proactive.   

Does your manager schedule annual preventative maintenance, such as cleaning the dryer vents & gutters?


If any of these sound familiar, try out Amico Lane and have peace of mind that your investment is well-managed.