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Isabel Ramberg experienced the frustrations of both self-managing as well as hiring a property manager for her 8-unit building in Shaw, a neighborhood in Washington D.C. After interviewing friends and neighbors, she heard similar complaints and decided to found Amico Lane and solve the problem of managing small condo associations.


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Isabel's professional background sets her apart in solving this problem.  Before Amico Lane, she was an investment banker at J.P. Morgan and a venture capital investor at the International Finance Corporation.  Not only does she understand finance and accounting, legal agreements, and project management, she understands customer demands, immediate service, and extreme attention to detail.

Isabel has both her MBA and undergrad from Wharton where she studied finance, management, and operations.  She is also a Joseph Wharton Scholar, a selective honors program. 


Amico (pronounced "aMEco") means friend in Italian.  Isabel strongly believes when neighbors are friendly, not only is there a great community, but the most difficult conflicts are easier to solve.  Isabel not only wants to maintain the health of her client's buildings and ensure the bylaws are followed but loves helping associations have great communication, have effective board teams, and establish cultural building norms to create for an inviting community.