Pricing packages

With all plans, Amico Lane will introduce you to our preferred local vendors (we're constantly evaluating for the best).  We will proactively ensure your maintenance plan is met through a combination of your Amico Lane property manager, our dedicated maintenance team, and easy-to-use software.    

These sample packages are designed for various needs and budgets of buildings.  We can customize any package to provide your condominium association with the right coverage mix that meets your building's requirements and your owner's wants.


Maintenance basics

Starting at $79 per month

Ideal for associations that handle their own finances but need an expert to ensure the preventative maintenance and long-term planning is completed.


Lead/attend annual meeting

Customized maintenance short & long-term plan and calendar

Bids for 6 preventative or capital improvement projects per year

Comparative analysis of bids for easy selection process for Board

Annual review of insurance

Easy scheduling of vendors

Record keeping of building maintenance


management essentials

Starting at $199 per month

Ideal for associations that want to ensure the finances and maintenance is completed but are on a budget and do not require on-site help.


Maintenance Basics, plus:

Annual budget preparation

Managing reserve account

Accounting services include:

Up to 20 transactions per month

Collecting monthly dues and fees

Late payment notices

Pay all invoices

Monthly profit & loss statement


on-site management

Starting at $400 per month

Ideal for associations that want a manager on-site to do regular inspections, lead/attend board meetings, and supervise routine maintenance vendors.


Maintenance Essentials, plus:

Lead/attend two additional meetings

Quarterly building inspection & reports

Coordinate tax filings with CPA

Routine maintenance supervision

Send building notices

Address house rule complaints